Get Perlonized: Los Angeles

Official Movement Pre-Party & 10 Years of 6AM: Kevin Saunderson

Cyclone 2 Year party: Herodot, Clovis

Dialogue: Sonja Monear, Halo, Maksim

Dialogue: Mayaan Nidam

Superfreq: Lee Curtiss, David Scuba, Mr. C

Keinemusik Showcase feat. Rampa, &ME and Adam Port

WORK/6amGroup: Sasha Carassi

Cyclone 2 Year Retrospec

The Midway & As You Like It present AYLI 8 Year Anniversary

mrbl presents: Roger Gerressen

Cyclone and Resolute present: Praslesh 1111

Dialogue x Incognito: Binh, Halo

Minimal Effort: Halloweek 2018

Vril (Live), Aurora Halal (Live), Maheras & JIA at Synthetik Minds & Work by 6AM

Heiko Laux, David Alvarado

Perc, Insolate & Sarah Strandberg at Synthetik Minds & Work

Dialogue Recordings Oct 20